domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Here We Go

And he never knew the meaning
Of love untill he'd seen her
Oh man she really drives him crazy
And she knows what she's doing
Heartache he can't fight this feeling
And won't stop untill he tells her
She is his one and only lady
And you've got to believe me

It's what he said, what he said
And this is what he said

If you take my hand
Then we could run away
Stay close to my love'cause here we go again
Don't let go of my hand
So we can fly away
If you trust in my love
This will never end

She never did believe in love
Untill she'd seen him
He's got to be pretty amazing
For her to share what she's feeling
She takes the chance, time for living
If she wants to go with him
She said you're gonna think i'm crazy
But you've got to believe me

And this is what we said
Here We Go-P.O.D

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